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Hivelocity is pleased to introduce to you its new line of Private Dedicated Cloud (PDC) solutions. Our PDC solution is the perfect scalable,reliable, highly available environment to run your hosting business within.

Your PDC solution starts with a minimum of 3 physical servers. 2 highly available redundant "cloud servers" and 1 "alpha server" for managing your PDC. As your enterprise grows you simply add more physical servers to your PDC. Each node on your PDC becomes redundant and highly available through the 3tera Applogic software. Your PDC has near limitless scalability and expansion is seamless. With your PDC you are able to pick and choose what applications get what resources. Adding a new node (ex SQL server) is as simple as a few mouse clicks within your PDC manager and deciding on resource allocation.

PDC Benefits Include....
  • Highly Scalable with limited effort and zero downtime during expansion.
  • High Availability data redundancy.
  • Completely isolated dedicated environment.
  • Limitless reseller opportunity with huge margin potential.
  • Allocate specific resources to specific applications for maximum efficiency.
  • Supports all control panels.
  • Charge a premium for super reliability.
  • Simplify and streamline yours and your customer's growth needs.
  • Add new features to your offers like redundant data storage.

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Hivelocity Benefits Include...