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    What would be the smallest VPS that makes sense?

    Dear WHT-ers,

    What would be the smallest VPS that makes sense? RAM and Disk wise? Bandwidth is also important, but secondary.
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    That's not really a complete question. Makes sense really depends on what you're doing with it, your skills and time to optimize/maintain, etc... I have plenty of 128 to 256MB VPS's for things like VPN, SSH port forwarding, small static websites, etc... Where some other sites require much more resources.

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    not really going to that but some of the customer requested custom spec with 64mb ram...mostly use for vpn :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
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    Can you install any OS with 64 MB or RAM?
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    of course. An example is my obsolete as in no longer produced nslu2 with 32mb runs debian 5 with no problems.

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    Thank you for the info, I thought that 128 MB is the smallest amount of RAM which could be used for Linux.

    What about the drive space, do you think 500 MB makes sense at all?
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    I've made a few templates that idled at 8MB ram, I can see 64MB being useful for a few very simple uses.
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    Definatley, as you can shrink CentOS down to around 90MB for example, although most people would consider it "useless" due to what you have to strip out.

    64 MB Ram / 5GB Disk Space is a sane small VPS. Fine for a small DNS server etc.

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    I've seen host offering 32 MB ram with 500 MB disk space. That is one tight VPS :\

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    A VPS can be any size in any ways, it just all depends on what your going to use the VPS for.

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    It all depends on what you want to host, but I personally would never go below 256mb ram, space is variable.

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    64M RAM/1GB HDD is reasonable minimum in case you need to have just linux box with several light applications.
    With 128M you can run lighttpd more or less successful. - Flexible Solutions
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