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    Best Company to register private/anonymous domains.


    First of all, i would like to apologize for starting another thread. I am not sure if this was a good idea.

    I would like to ask for a suggestion which company to use for private/anonymous domain registration. It is good if they dont give in to pressure that easily and they will keep my information private.

    The reason I need this is that, i registered a .tr domain with They put my home adress, home phone number, and cell phone number to domain info.

    So now, whomever uses "whois" on my server also gives me a phone call. I asked them to remove the information but they said it is a ICANN rule that they must post valid contact information with the domain. Which sounded like BS to me.

    Anyways, if you know a very good private/anonymous domain company please drop a message.

    I apologize again for starting another thread on similar topic.

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    Many providers will mask this info for you, for a cost. It is an ICANN rule to have the info available, but these companies will "proxy" the information for you, filtering out most spam.

    I use Dynadot as my registrar, and it costs me an extra 2$/mnth per domain to have them put up proxy information rather than my own.
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    I'm just curious - what is the main reason you would like to hide your whois info?

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    You could try, they offer WhoisGuard with your domain? Not sure if this is what you're looking for though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiberForum View Post
    I'm just curious - what is the main reason you would like to hide your whois info?

    I dont want my phone number or address to appear with domain info. I also dont want anyone to access that information without having legal reason to do so.

    I dont think it is a good idea to give your address and phone number to someone who knows your domain and knows how to use whois command.

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    What kind of domain name do you want to register. You mentioned you have registered .TR and they exposed your personal data. However the policy of the Turkish registrar does not allow customers to be added on WhoIs privacy. At the same time all general TLDs and most international domains allow registrants to hide their contact details.

    You can also consider to register a domain with a web host and to use their contact details on the WhoIs database.
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    Namecheap offers free privacy on your domains, no extra charge.

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    1,303 is a good place to register domains with free whois privacy.
    Good price too. Its a DirectI business, same the ResellerClub is under.
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    252 would be a decent place to start but i dont think they offer .tr domains. They do offer free privacy protection but like everywhere else this can be disabled by the registrar if requested by ICAAN if any irregularities are found on the domain like phissing site etc...
    Chris from Neteartone prolly can confirm..

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    Namecheap has always been my favorite. You get free Whoisguard when you purchase a domain with them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jtaM View Post
    Namecheap has always been my favorite. You get free Whoisguard when you purchase a domain with them!
    But not free anymore if u renew.
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    Quote Originally Posted by target View Post
    But not free anymore if u renew.
    Yeah, it's free for one year. They have a coupon giving you a discount for renewal though, it's WGSPECIAL - $0.99/year

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    The most annoying registrar I've run into when it comes to trying to lookup and obtain personal information is DirectNic. They just ignore your requests for it. They won't even get back to you if you tell them there's a legal or copyright issue.

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    Do any of the registrars mentioned here offer .tr domains?

    If not then the whole thing is pretty academic.

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    @darkfoe - That's $2/year not $2/month for privacy at Dynadot.
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