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    1 domain pointing to applications on different servers


    Could anyone help me out whether the following scenario is at all possible?

    Have www dot domainname dot com pointing to (my vps ip)
    and www dot domainname dot com/forum/ pointing to (another server)

    Thank you,

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    Pointing subdomain to different server is possible,
    but pointing subfolder to different server is not possible.
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    You could do it with subdomains: to to

    I don't know that there's any way to do it with sub-directories.
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    You could use a PHP Script to redirect the Site:


    header( 'Location: http://IPAdress' ) ;


    Just upload it as index.php to your Subdomain section on the server. You will just see the IP in the Browser Address Field.

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    To add another 'possible solution' to the mix, you could create a single html frame on that displayed content from the forum website on the other IP. But I feel dirty just suggesting that.

    How important is it that you use the /forum URL? As has already been suggested, using a subdomain is the more natural solution.
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    You could use a PHP Script to redirect the Site:


    header( 'Location: http://IPAdress' ) ;

    That redirection will replace the Browser's URL address from "" to "" - It works fine but it doesn't look good as your visitor will see that IP address instead of the sub-folder address

    The Single HTML Frame method also works fine, but the URL will stay remain "" even you browse to other pages/different path on that forum site.

    The best solution is to use sub-domain as mentioned by others above.
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    you should use subdomain option...

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