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    Anyone had experience with this hosting company with their services and reseller option?

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    Some hosts lie about a lot of things (like unlimited bandwidth) and I think the one time fee is the biggest lie of all. It sounds so inviting, for somewhere around $200-$250, you've paid for a lifetime of service. It looks like a deal too good to pass on.

    That's the hook. It's another way some hosts have of getting a year or more of service paid for up front. Unfortunately, none of these companies seem to deliver on their promises.

    Consider this. The monthly charges they have for Internet access continue every month, and that's several thousand dollars a year. If their service was any good, they would likely have enough customers without offering these deals that seem to good to be true (because they are just that, too good to be true).

    I took a look at one from last year and concluded it was a Texas deal (El Paso). I've seen several similar ones since and the service has been lacking in all of them.

    (no offense is meant towards Texans or the great state of Texas)

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