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    Lightbulb Share A Server With Me

    Hello Guys,

    I am another poor customer of a VPS hosting service who ran away locking all my data in his servers. My websites are off, and I can not access them, amazingly i can not even login to their WHMCS. I pay for 3 month advanced and I am sure I paid them well.
    ( THIS HOST WAS, I told them again and again i dont want downtimes like that !!!!!!!)

    I have been running these sites from more than 7-8 months, I do not know what would happen to my google rankings when the crawler does not finds them this week.

    I have very very irritated with bad VPS providers.

    I am looking towards buying a dedicated server @ softlayer or any other good provider which can qualify for phone support and live chat always with a track record for 100% uptimes.

    I need a small VPS on this, like 512MB or 1GB, while the rest is of no use to me. I want to share the rest with 3-4 people who have plan of running some websites on them.

    I do not need bandwidth, my websites are not bandwidth intensive, so even if you are looking for a serious load on website we can together divide it as needed.

    The cost would come around 20-25 USD, and I think I can arrange atleast 1 GB RAM for you people in that.

    We can install open-VZ ourselves in the server and divide it to among ourselves. We can together finger on a service provider for dedicated server.

    I am a computer engineer, and a web developer. I will take all hassles of managing the server, You can alternatively also offer a hand in day2day management.

    This offer is either for honest geeks or just innocent people who wanna run the sites on 100% uptime.

    I will just take 1 month share of payment as security, so if you do not pay from next month I still have 1 month to find a replacement for you.

    I hope all this sounds logical.

    I am looking for linux basically, but if you have windows need I can switch on windows, I just need mysql and PHP, i can get them to run on windows as well. I have some trustable dedicated provider in windows.

    Contact me on [email protected], I will call you anywhere in USA to make it all sense for you.

    Anybody knows a very very trustable VPS provider....( other than RAMHost cause they are all sold.....ha ha ha.....tell me also )

    Thanks, Anuj

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    If you don't need that much space why not go with a well know VPS provider like Wiredtree. What are you going to do if one of the people your renting the server with dosen't pay up? Your going to be stuck footing the bill.
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    You are right but the problem with WiredTree is that even a 512MB server costs $44 there ? So it seems thats too much. With a dedicated server I get them all.

    And i told you i would take 1 month share as Initially if its a 150 USD server, and there are 6 people, than each one has a 25 USD share, but initially we start with 50 USD, so I have 1 month rental as security deposit. This way I atleast have 1 month to handle a situation.

    And any serious person once involved on my server won't go, I will help in a lot more than just a server.

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    Do a search in the offers thread. There are many hosts that could do that for the entire year alone (40-50$).

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    I have been looking in the offer section, there is no reliability of those hosts. I think its best to club a few serious guys here on WHT.

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    There would be good offers from great companies.

    Your budget (above) makes sense and is possible.

    I think you just need to wait (patiently) and you'll find your right partner / soul mate host

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    Have just PM to you please check.

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    I have a Q9550 that I'm probably using 1/5 of the power for my own sites. I'd be happy to oblige some space to fit your needs. Email sent as well.


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    Futurehosting has a $29 Fully Managed Cpanel server.

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    You could try at I never had any problem with them.

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    Check out the offers section..

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyah View Post
    Futurehosting has a $29 Fully Managed Cpanel server.
    Where would this be? I see their web site, managed cpanel solutions starting from $44.95/mo

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    I can get you a reliable Linux VPS. I sent you an email.
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