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    Question Best free dual-boot software for WinXP and Win7?


    I currently have a laptop with WinXP. I want to test (and eventually) run Win7 on it... but I don't want to actually overwrite my current setup right now.

    So.. I figure the best solution is to do a dual boot setup, and once I'm 100% happy with the "new" Win7 setup... then I'll just wipe out the old WinXP.

    Can anyone recommend a good "bootup manager" for this purpose?

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    EasyBCD and iReboot

    EasyBCD for configuring the boot entries

    iReboot for rebooting to another os.

    I am running the beta version

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    Don't really need a boot manager...

    1) create a partition with a free tool (

    2) install win 7

    3) watch it boot with xp and win 7

    You can create the partition on the fly... while in windows xp.

    Long as xp is installed first, I've had no issues... unless you attempt to "test" bitlocker... you might destroy your dual boot...
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    Quote Originally Posted by hekwu View Post
    Don't really need a boot manager...
    Yeah you dont need a boot manager if you install Windows 7 after XP and you can also manually edit the bcdedit.exe file. Using the above tool I mentioned makes it easy for anyone to edit or add new entries.

    iReeboot helps to reboot directly to another os without having to reselect during start up.

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