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    Seeker Guest


    I am really looking for information on Burst from someone other than a Burst employee. Good, Bad, fast, slow? I am concerned because their site seems to be unfinished. I got in and checked dates and it has been "under construction" for the better part of a year!

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    jman Guest


    Hi there,

    I'm a burst customer with over 10 boxes colocated, don't take their website at face value there sits a very competant company behind it.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial,Helvetica,Verdana ">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jman:
    Hi there,

    I'm a burst customer with over 10 boxes colocated, don't take their website at face value there sits a very competant company behind it.


    I would probably wait a month or so before you go signup, they appear to have some network and server problems at the moment. We have had quite a few customers transfer to us from Burst in the last couple of weeks.

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    jman Guest


    So whats your company then?

    I'l like to hear about these people who have suddenly left burst to join you....

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    Red face

    Davey's company is True Hosting....
    LIKE with ANY company, you should read up on that company though....
    Happy host hunting

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    jman Guest


    OH MAN

    Truehosting you suck ass, you are purely the worst company ever existed....go crawl under a rock and die

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    Rain Guest


    It's true though that Burst have trouble with their router-service Qwest. So Burst are having problems right now with long downtimes. It could be a good idea to wait some time before you sign up with them. If you don't mind some downtime, then go ahead and sign up!
    It's sad to hear that ppl tranfered from burst to truehosting. I'd rather have 10% uptime with burst than an account at truehosting.

    I will probably sign up with burst anyway, cuz I need a new host _now_ and futurequest is too expensive.

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    Yes, we had a problem with the line installations in our new facility/building. This has since been corrected and everything is back to normal. We have VERY faithful clients, and we managed to only loose 2-3 during this entire occurance. How truehosting managed to get ALL "few" of them will remain a mystery. best.

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    interesting Guest


    Its very interesting when a hosting companys suddenly come out the woodwork when something has been said to tarnish their image.

    And others(TH) who tell lies and trash other hosts images.

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    Seeker Guest


    Well, I think its good that some of these hosts are at least paying attention. Id rather see them in the forums than not see them at all. Just my opinion.

    Yeah, I almost signed up with Burst because their server seemed so fast and they offer a lot. But I am waiting to see what happens with this.

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    lwarz Guest


    Don't know about their problems...

    Did try to contact them to sort out a question regarding their accounts before ordering - 3 times already in 3 consecutive days - and still got nothing...

    If that's how long tech support takes I'm starting to have second thoughts...

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