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    Serverloft the worst

    Serverloft does not provide support via phone, tickets takes 10 hours to get a response.

    They have changed network configuration and because of that we have more than 300 websites down for more than 15 hours.

    No one answers, and when they do is to tell rubish, on the chat online "sales" they say there is a network issue on the datacenter, never told me that on the tickets.

    So, run away, we will...

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    last month there were threads showing how was serverloft with not many answers , may be the issue in temporary

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    A temporary 20 hours down...

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    I'm sure i saw another thread not long ago about this company?

    I would leave if there support is that poor.

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    I already tell them we are transferring for another provider, they said sorry but no solution, never seen nothing like this.

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    Serverloft needs to straighten up their act. Why they would change an already stable and working IP configuration is beyond me.
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    Yikes - this is not the kind of service that you expect from a dedicated server provider. You should pack your bags and head elsewhere as quickly as possible - Hosting websites since 1999!
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    They did this for good reason (I believe its the same issue as you are seeing). See the following e-mail I got a week ago:
    As a serverloft customer you always profit from our products’ optimal performance, availability and being up-to-date. In order to meet these high standards, our developers in cooperation with our network department have worked out an important function for your Advanced Network netxxxx. After having put this new function through extensive tests, we are happy to officially present it to you today. At the same time we’d like to ask you to make some small configurations in your serverloft panel, so that flawless operation of your Advanced Network can be obtained.

    The new function allows you to allocate IP addresses of your Advanced Network to different servers within your server farm at serverloft. As of now you will find an option in your serverloft panel to define a target server for each IP address of your Advanced Network. Additional information like gateway, broadcast or network addresses is no longer required. Thus, also the first five IP addresses are at your free disposal, which were reserved for the network operation before.

    Until May 3rd, 2010 the old and new network configuration will be run simultaneously. Please make sure to allocate all used IP addresses to the respective target server until May 3rd in the serverloft panel.

    On the respective target server you no longer need to use any gateway, broadcast or network address, and just configure the additional IP address as /32 IP address. For this you have to choose the net mask Afterwards, you go to your serverloft panel and configure the respective target server for each IP address.

    Finally, we’d like to remind you once more to change your settings until

    May 3rd, 12 am (CEST),

    as we cannot guarantee flawless functionality of your Advanced Network with the old configuration from that date.
    Do you have any questions about this topic? Our Support will be glad to help you!

    Best regards
    Your serverloft team
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    Dont forget is that this not work:

    "to your serverloft panel and configure the respective target server for each IP address."

    The control panel of serverloft gives error message.

    Now 25 hours offline because of this and 7 hours since last answer from them.

    Already transferring accounts, bye bye serverlackofsupport

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    Quote Originally Posted by PPOwens View Post
    I'm sure i saw another thread not long ago about this company?

    I would leave if there support is that poor.
    There are alot of threads about serverloft popping up all over WHT here are some examples
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