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    Dell Poweredge 1950 and 745N for sale


    I'm selling the following two Dell servers. It's located at 43035 in the US. You can find the following specs as below:

    Dell Poweredge 1950

    2 x 2.33 Ghz Dual core 5140
    2 x 73GB SAS
    4GB total ram (came with 2gb, we added another 2gb)
    Perc 5/i raid card
    DRAC card for remote management
    Dual power supplies
    No OS

    service tag: HDP3TB1

    Asking $600 OBO.

    Dell Poweredge 745N

    1 x 3.0 Ghz
    4 x 250GB SATA
    1GB total ram
    cerc 1.5/6h raid card
    comes with Windows 2003 storage server CDs

    service tag: 82PSZ81

    Asking $600 OBO.

    Shipping will be $55 anywhere in the US.

    Pictures of server and or bios setup screen available upon request.

    Let me know if you're interested.

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    please, send me pictures of server.

    Thanks you.
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    Please send me pictures as well.

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    I dont believe we can PM pics, so if you want pics please pm me with your email address and what server pics you want?

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    The Dell Poweredge 745N has been sold.

    The 1950 is still avialable

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    Dropping the price on the 1950 to $350. Gotta get this server out of here.

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    How much for shipping to 78233, if it's reasonable I'll take it.

    Also will you be shipping it in the original box or a properly packed box? I've had bent rack ears when traveling with UPS and FedEx and its not packed to keep it from bashing the ears around.

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    Mike - as stated in the original post we would ship it anywhere in the us for $55. PM me if you need more info etc.

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    Lets see if I'm any happier when it arrives.

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    Apparently he already sold it a couple of weeks ago, refunded my payment.

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    My apologies, I thought we still had the unit in the downstairs office. But when i checked I found out we had already sold it. Thanks again to all you had an interest.

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