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    Little node suggested configuration


    I am deciding how to configure a little and local hosting business offering virtual servers. Have been searching for the best VPS control panel and for all read I think it could be SolusVM, however I have some doubts about configuration:


    Main server with Solusvm master and hosting vps in the same server. This would be the easiest and cheaperr solution, but I have read somewhere this configuration is not recommended, could anybody tell me why? Is regarding safety? Performance?


    Get a little server and virtualize with Proxmox (my servers are in OVH and is there is a template with promox) and host Solusvm master alone in one virtual machine, another vps for Solusvm backup manager and it could be more vps butt just for personal use, very low load...

    Get a second dedicated server as Solusvm slave, just to host virtual servers from customers.

    I have thought in this configuration because by this, I will avoid the problem of hosting virtual servers under Solusvm master as has been said around. The reason to use Proxmox is to not leave a server only with Solusvm master, as it could be useful for internal applications with low load.

    Proxmox looks to be a safe control panel (opinions will be appreciated about Proxmox), however not ready for commercial businesses because admin cannot control customerīs bandwidth... for example, but in this case it will be enough just being secure.

    Well, thanks in advance for everything.


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    Regarding proposal #1, SolusVM recommends that the master server is not used to host VPS containers on the same server as it can impact performance and is a single point of failure as well. If you plan on expanding out to use additional physical nodes then it would be good to have your master on a different server.

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    that recommendations are for "datacenter/hosting" deployments if you want to use it for inhouse management it should be ok
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    It is for datacenter/hosting deployments, so if we focus on the first proposal, would be right to have Solusvm hosted in a vps?

    What about Proxmox?


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    Any advice?

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