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    Name server changed without my Consent- help me

    Someday ago I got one mail from Hosting Service provide stating that
    "We have received a request that the name servers be changed for the following domain name(s) (original domain name changed)
    I did not request anything from them; I can open my hosting account and can make necessary changes. my domain is 3 months old.
    Is someone trying to still my domain or anything else? What should I do? Can anyone explain me what is going on?

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    Mostly some one have got access to your password and they are trying to change name servers. Check if your computer have any malware/keylogger installed.

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    Exactly. I suggest you contact your domain registrar too.

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    Check if your email id is compromised.

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    Can we publish the name of the registrar which is hosting your domain? Possibly good place to avoid registering domains.

    If your name servers got changed without your concern,

    1) Either there was some issue on registrar side and by mistake it happened (it's all about software and there can be bugs. But this will be unacceptable bug)

    2) Some one really compromised your email account and was able to click forgot password at the registrar site and went through the process and somehow got access to the domain administration view.

    3) The registrar is not secure enough to restrict access to unauthorized access or changes to domain

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