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    Internet Connectivity and Datacenter Services from Silent Partner

    We had a need for some unique colocation (well, to us) in the VA and Tampa, Florida area. I decided to give a try and see what responses we received. A few of them were garbage (folks that don't bother reading and then sign you up for their mailing lists) but one of the responses came from Silent Partner (

    Paul Baldwin over at Silent Partner did a fantastic job of leading the charge. He managed the due diligence process, coordinated datacenter tours and facilitated numerous, numerous conference calls. He even volunteered his manager, Jennie Karnes, to head out on a few of the tours with us. Paul and Jennie both investigated all of the datacenter options, grilling each datacenter to insure that they were going to be able to meet our needs. I've got to be honest, I've never done this thorough of due diligence before!

    Paul was available to us at all hours, be it late at night or over the weekend to answer questions and act as our middleman during contract negotiations. In the end, we landed in a great datacenter and nailed an excellent deal thanks to Paul and Silent Partner.

    We typically have done this type of work on our own, but decided to give this route a try and we are extremely happy with the results.

    For those of you who are interested in colocation or other services and don't want to deal with all the haggling that comes with it, do yourself a favor and engage Silent Partner.

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