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    Rain Guest


    Anyone have any experience with westhost? They look good, but so did my last 2 hosts but they were scam. And I thought, maybe I will get a good host this time

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    Beware of any host that put UNLIMITED bandwidth.

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    eminem Guest


    oh look at the admins talk to each other in a public forum.....

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    Rain Guest


    Well, this is explained on their policy page. Since most of my files are stored on another server, I'm not really concerned. I find it wierd that sites with banners are set to a 6GIG limit though. The banners are usually stored on other servers.

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    WestHost's customers are privileged to be offered unlimited traffic. Unlimited traffic applies to standard web documents (JPEG, GIF and HTML). All other types of files such as (ZIP, MP3, etc.) are subject to 3 GIG of transfer a month. Sites containing paid advertisements, such as banner ads are allowed 6 GIG of transfer per month. Any customer who exceeds this limit will be notified by WestHost to resolve the situation. Extra bandwidth is $15 per GIG.
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    $15 per gig is pretty high, about 5 times the going rate. Many hosts charge only $3 per gig for excess amounts.

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    Hello Rain,

    I agreed with what Duster said. You may want to try looking for a host that give you the exact amount of bandwidth on their web site. If you do not know where to search, go to

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial,Helvetica,Verdana ">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Duster:
    $15 per gig is pretty high, about 5 times the going rate. Many hosts charge only $3 per gig for excess amounts.[/quote]

    $15 is very high!


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