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    Is there demand for this?

    A couple of us are thinking of setting up a colo in the uk!
    Is there any interest?

    What sort of prices are colo's in the uk selling for?

    At first look we were thinking of 15 per u and 150 per Mbit.

    Please post any sujestiongs.


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    There is definitely a decent level of demand for colocation in the UK, if you target the right customers.

    15/U seems a little low, in fact it does make me wonder about the quality of facility you would this from on such a pricing scale?

    Not to mention, colocation is a product more suited to the business arena - often a lower price can scare away rather than attract such customers...

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    Well we would start in interhouse in london.

    Is the bandwidth price ok?

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    Depends on how much your paying for bandwidth.
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    I am intrested

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    well we are not paying alot less.
    But we need to cover cost of APC, Managed switch ect.

    To be honest 150 would be if you buy like 3Mbit+.
    It may be more for 1Mbit.
    We haven't done all the figures yet.

    But we are looking closley into it.

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