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    Help me Understand please

    Ok, not sure I understand the "game server" hosting thing.I hope someone here can enlighten me, as I am not a gamer.
    My kids (all 4 over 20 YO) play games constantly. WOW, call to duty, and many others online. I know there are many who do the same. SO they buy the game, install it and play online with others.
    So what exactly would a game server do for them? Or better yet, if I purchased a game server, with say the 4 most popular games on it, how would I make money (who from, why would they pay me)?

    And I know they use things like Steam etc. What's that all about?

    Clueless in Canada.

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    Well you would have to purchase four game servers or buy one dedicated server and host those four popular games on that. You more then likely would only make money if your kids really wanted a dedicated box. Or they where in a good donating community.

    Steam is a P2P network for download/interacting/anything involved in quite a few games, it is all so a publishing platform. It is where you have an account and can download and buy games, add friends, stay in contact via a social networking engine.


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    You can make money from Game Servers many ways, one way for example is if one of you kids own or play with a team or clan make a site and server for them have them get fans and then people may start donating, or you can buy a dedicated server and resell gameservers. Ether way you can make money.

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