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    Web Hosting and Administration Books

    I work in a small company (<100 employees) and have been charged with setting up our own Intranet web server and Internet facing Web server.

    Can anyone please recommend me books that teach how to set up and run web servers as well as security issues, SSL, digital certificates, how to restrict access to the Intranet web server to internal clients, etc?

    I am quite knowledgeable about networking and have some web programming knowledge but know little about the systems, hardware, configuration, administration, etc.

    Appreciate your help.


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    Windows, Linux or OS X Server?
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    What about the O/S platform - Windows Based or Linux Based?
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    There's no really good books because by the time they were printed they would be out of date. I'd suggest getting the basics set up and then talking to a company like TouchSupport for any other set-up and the initial security "hardening" before you go"on-line" with anything.
    I haven't used them but have heard they are the best and US based and will do as much or little as you need.

    The hackers are SO bad today that they would be in any system set up by someone like you (even if you read many articles and did everything you could find) in less than 5-10 minutes. So convince your company it's worth the money if you don't want rootkits or bots using your company's system to send spam, spread viruses (or worse if you have sensitive information)
    There's countless stories of someone like you having the feds kmocking on the door because you are trying to hack the CIA or something and you don't even know it was a bot or rootkit buried deep in your server the first day you went "on-line".
    Fighting them is a day-to-day battle nowadays.

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    Really the best way to learn is by doing and being resourceful enough to find the answers you need. Google is an excellent tool and used well you can generally figure just about anything administration-wise out.

    Find some people who are experienced admins and see if you can genuinely befriend them (make sure every conversation isn't you begging for help). If you genuinely want to learn this - having these contacts will be a godsend.
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    What OS are you planning to go with also maybe a simple Google search will get you what you're looking for.

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