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    Shared hosting in Finland

    Hi there!

    I'm looking for a shared hosting in Finland (English support is appreciated) where I can also purchase .fi domain name. Can anyone who lives there can suggest me a good one local hosting?

    Thanks in advance!

    Actually I'm not from Finland. A friend of mine who is living there and doesn't understand anything in web internals asked me to help him to built .fi web-site. Therefore I'm asking this question here at WHT and not at a local finnish forum.

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    Well, you can register .fi domains from major domain registrars.
    I guess, it'd be hard to find a Finland Share Hosting, because I heard that there are only 2 Datacenters in Finland, or maybe one. So its hard to find one.

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    You might find more options if it you don't restrict it to just Finland; maybe try countries near by into your search. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    I have no idea about the shared hosting providers in Finland.
    Maybe you can refer to this site regarding that.

    As for the .fi domain registrar, maybe 1 of those Hosting Companies in Finland provides it.

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    .fi domains are expensive (~€85/yr) and they have some restrictions (Local Presence required).

    Check out
    Web Hosting by Brontobytes

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