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    Please Recommend a Dedicated Server Provider

    i am in kind of need a Dedicated Server , here i go with the Specs , i would appreciate any of you guys if recommend me any of these BIG AND POPULAR COMPANIES WHO PROVIDE DEDICATED SERVERS , my spec is :

    CPU : 2 x 5520 (or 2 x 5560)
    RAM : 12GB or More (But we do not even think about less than 12GB)
    HDD : 4 x 500GB RAID 10 + 1 TB Addtional for Backup
    Control Panel : cPanel
    Management : Fully managed and Monitoring + Security
    BW : 4TB or more
    Port Speed : 100MBps
    Webserver : LiteSpeed ( i want that host to manage litespeed , if they can not please do not mention their name )

    Budget : 600$/month MAX

    THanks in advance

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    Definitely check the offer's section, you should be able to find a host that can work with that budget. Here's the link to the offer's section

    Good luck and let us know who you go with.

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    Hey Dewey ,
    and thank you for your recommendation , but i said a Provider Who can SUre Manage LiteSpeed for no Extra Cost , i have heard you do not do that

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    Sorry, not sure where you heard that. But we do do litespeed web servers and load balancers. Just putting this out there to clear that misconception up.

  5. Ipap,

    There are plenty of providers that definitely include LiteSpeed management with their server management package. It might take some asking around. I'd start in the Dedicated Server offers section and go from there!

    Best of luck!

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    @ Jason Silverglate ,

    Man , i have talked MANY TIMES to you , to Mike and even your admins , all of them Said we will manage Litespeed for 80$/hour which is against my first Post which i clearly said I WANT MANAGEMENT FOR LSWS FOR NO EXTRA COST

    @ ServerGurus ,
    i have loooked and searched a lot , now i am negotiationg with you guys for the best possible way

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    What you mentioned above should be possible by any providers. Did you try getting in touch with some big names?

    Why not visit the Offer Section and contact providers whose offers you liked? - ★★ Managed VPS / Budget Servers / Colocation ★★
    Facilities : Atlanta, Buffalo and Las Vegas
    Web : http://www.serverlogix.comContact Us

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    Check out the large managed VPS providers which also offer dedicated servers. Such providers include WiredTree, KnownHost and more. I noticed that WiredTree offers the LiteSpeed web server so I'm sure they will manage it as well. Check out the dedicated server offers section for their ads so you can get yourself a discount.

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    Have you checked the Find A Host section ? You can find many great service providers there for what you need.

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