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    other matt Guest


    I have been looking at your forum and there seems to be people abusing the fact that you dont make them register to post. Some people seem to be using multiple names to abuse other people and companys.
    Just a though

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    PCISD Guest


    I think it is a good idea.

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    I Disagree Guest


    I disagree. There are some instances where being somewhat anoynomous can be a good thing. Especially posts like the long one about "Getting Out of Hosting." A lot of the hosts would not have responded with their insights if registration was required.

    Just a thought.

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    guest Guest


    Judging from the low ratio of wheat to chaff here these days, I'd say that Matt either needs to get his act together and his ass in gear regarding monitoring this board and cleaning it of gratuitous advertising and flames, or require users to register. This used to be the best hosting-related forum on the web. It's become very nearly useless.

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