Jared's Web Design - Shared Hosting with VPS Performance!
www.jaredswebdesign.com/webhosting | [email protected]

Hey all! I'm Jared and I'm a freelance webdesigner who does hosting on the side. My VPS is with CoreSite; located in their Chicago DC (
10MB Test ZIP).

  • 768MB SLM RAM, Intel Xeon @ 2.33Ghz, RAID-10 Storage. Never has, and never will be oversold! I've currently five happy customers and CPU averages 0.01.

Please contact me with any questions you may have!
I have been hosting for several months now, so everything is new, only a handful of clients and the server ain't breaking a sweat!

Hosting Packages: Extra disk and bandwidth can be purchased during checkout.
Use coupon code "25PERCENTOFF" to receive 25% of the account for life; enter during checkout!

1. Shared Hosting - Small - $1.00/month | $12/year[BUY NOW]

  • 500MB Disk Space
  • 5,000MB (5GB) Bandwidth
  • cPanel + Fantastico DeLuxe
  • *Unlimited Features!

2. Shared Hosting - Basic - $2.25/month | $27/year [BUY NOW]

  • 2,000MB (2GB) Disk Space
  • 25,000MB (25GB) Bandwidth
  • cPanel + Fantastico DeLuxe
  • *Unlimited Features!

3. Shared Hosting - Standard - $4.50/month | $54/year [BUY NOW]

  • 4000MB (4GB) Disk Space
  • 50,000MB (50GB) Bandwidth
  • cPanel + Fantastico DeLuxe
  • *Unlimited Features!

4. Shared Hosting - Advanced - $6.75/month
| $81/year [BUY NOW]
  • 6,000MB (6GB) Disk Space
  • 75,000MB (75GB) Bandwidth
  • cPanel + Fantastico DeLuxe
  • *Unlimited Features!

*Unlimited features mean UNLIMITED FEATURES! You can have as many email addresses as you want, host an unlimited amount of domains, and have as many databases as you need!

**Must already have a valid domain registered. I do not handle domain registration.

Frequntly Asked Questions

  • Question: Where is your server located?
    My server resides with CoreSite in their Chicago DC. 10MB Test ZIP. I do business with server provider WiredTree.

  • Question: Are you a reseller?
    Yes I am.

  • Question: I'm a little weary, you being a resller and all, how do I know you can provide for my needs?
    What proof would you like? Please email me personally so I can better answer your questions.

  • Question: When will my account be activated?
    As soon as your payment is confirmed. Product addons will be configured within 24hours of your purchase. If not, please open a support ticket.

  • Can I host adult content?
    Adult content of any sort is strictly prohibited. Your account will be suspended until further action is taken.

  • What about spam? Can I use my account to send out spam continually?
    Terminate you I shall!

  • I need a custom package, can you help?
    Sure can, if you're in need of a custom package I will work with you in setting one up for your specific needs. I can even get you an account with WHM (Reseller) access.

  • Do you offer dedicated IPs?
    Yes I do, on request.

  • Can I get a dedicated IP on a different subnet/C-Class?

Please, if you have any question, feel free to post a reply to this thread and or email me at [email protected], I look forward to hosting you.