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    Microsoft Dymamic Datacenter

    Has anybody tried Microsoft Dynamic Datacenter? Can they share their experience?
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    i tested the evaluation version a couple of months ago and the panel was pretty unstable,with some missing and broken features.

    I don't known if they are fixed it but in any case,IMHO it doesn't look like a mature technology.

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    The DDC tool kit isn't meant as a plug-n-play solution, but more of a starting point of what you could do and examples to build off of. It's meant to demonstrate real world examples of how you can tie together the various System Center applications into a multi-tenant customer facing portal. Many of the Microsoft hosting partners are using it and probably all of them who are you'd be hard pressed to know it because they've simply taken the framework and expanded on it into their own solution.

    This is exactly what we did with our VPS control panel. The toolkit allowed our dev staff to get up and running with a functional 1.0 release very quickly. It's not something though that you'll install off the CD and have a control panel solution, but that wasn't the idea behind it. You still need to have supporting infrastructure (authentication, provisioning, billing, etc) to tie it all together.

    I'd probably expect v2.0 or something along those lines will be announced or at least demo'd at the Hosting Summit in April.

    To summarize, as a starting point, you can't go wrong. It will save you a lot of development time in not having to re-invent the wheel assuming you don't already have another solution in place.

    Good luck -

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