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Thread: DSO loader

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    DSO loader


    i want to know how to manully install DSO loader at my servers

    apache 2.2 or 2
    php 5
    cpanel server

    thanks in advance!

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    Check if PHP is enabled as DSO from

    WHM >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Configure PHP and suEXEC
    You can see a drop down list in front of the PHP version.
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    i know , i want to know how to compile DSO manually at the server which already running with Suphp


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    As you have cPanel , then let cpanel do the job !
    If for some reason you still want to do it manually , then you should read some manuals here and there :

    Its NOT a simple command line you are asking for !

    you really do not want to broke things at your servers , so read manual carefully .

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    Hello ,

    at the apache recompil the DSO disappeare when i choose mpm worker and the avaliable php loader is suphp or cgi

    so how could i enable DSO as a php loader when the mpm worker in use ?

    i know there are note at the recompile page when i choose mpm worker with DSO , but i think there are any ways to force recompile DSO with mpm worker


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