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    netwiz Guest


    I called them about 35 hrs ago.
    They said setup within 24 hrs.
    I sent at least 5 e-mails to different
    addresses on thier system.
    I am still not set up and have not recieved any response. They got my money tho!
    I told them in the mail I needed to communicate urgently re: my 5 domains.
    and transfer issues.. No RESPONSE Did I screw up by choosing this company? TELL ME

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    Matty Guest

    Thumbs down

    (Not allowed to have an opinion even though I have read and reviewed many reviews about the above company)

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    netwiz Guest


    I have never been so rudely ignored by anyone
    as I have been by this company.

    Thier lack of response or technical ability
    has caused 4 of my domains to go OFFLINE.

    After 3 days of autoresponders to my e-mails
    I found the guys phone # called him at home and he threw a tantrum immediatly and hung up
    Im searching for a good host. HELP FAST.

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    Nightflames Guest


    email Me at [email protected] with what you need and I'll find you something that has you up in hours

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    ran Guest


    Netwiz, I need to get in contact with you. Please write to [email protected] if you read this message.

    Henrik Petersson

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    annoyed Guest


    Im in no relation with Matrixcubed and cannot speak upon their behalf, but I am extremely disturbed by this thread.

    1) netwiz: Who the hell wouldn't be bothered if a customer or potential customer called them at their home number? Can I have your phone number?? Jeez!

    2) Matty: Since when do you have an opinion?

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    Curious Guest


    I'm curious to know the outcome of your dilemma netwiz.

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    annoyed Guest



    I've contacted the formentioned web host and asked them if they've ever had you as a customer. They said that to the best of their knowledge they hadn't.

    What gives you any right, being the webmaster of a host review site, to post comments on a web host inwhich you have no direct experience with? You should be ashamed of yourself and should note that that is a prosecutable crime under United States law.

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    Pepsicoke Guest

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    Hi Everyone

    I use to be the largest reseller for Interspeed Network, now

    When i went down to CA to visit the crew, i found out from them that matrix is a reseller of their company, at that time, the only had about 40 domains, alot of them being canceled for warez from interspeed...

    I since got my own servers and now i have alot of happy clients


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    pepsicoke Guest


    I forgot to mention that the person running Matrix was a teenager (i think, but not every sure)



    Client IP:

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    7up Guest


    Pesicoke, in light of his obvious and self serving vested interest, is as completly wrong as possible.

    Client IP:

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    pepsicoke Guest


    Any you must be affilated with them? I did some digging and they are not with HiSpeed anymore. They are reselling for

    I am just telling the facts as i heard from when i was a reseller for Interspeed.

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