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    Anyone know how to install Asterisk, A2billing?


    I need someone who can help me do this and what the procedure is. I want to make a calling card platform with this.
    I will pay you to install it if i see that you truly are good at it.

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    I am not sure about A2billing, but I guess it's not difficult. For asterisk, it depends on platform you are going to install. Do you have a dedicated server, or VPS?
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    yes i will have a dedicated server capable of running more than 300 calls at once. I dont have it yet im trying to get all my resources together. So if possible I would like to get someone to install it when im ready for it.

    Please add me so we can chat:

    AIM: nmushfiqur
    Skype: nahid569
    yahoo: nahid5692001 @ yahoo .com

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    If you have a dedicated server, you might consider to install trixbox. You can ask your vendor to download trixbox from its website, burn to a CD and install from there. It's the easiest way.

    Or you might want to consider to get a VPS, install trixbox on it, then upgrade to dedicated server when needed. I only have experience on Xen VPS, so I am not sure about other platform, but I have seen someone using trixbox on OpenVZ too.
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    I have hear about Trixbox. Is that everything I will need to have the calling card? Is Asterisk built into that? does it provide user account creation and management because thats what A2Billing does.
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    If you're wanting to run a2billing then, rather than Trixbox, you're probably better off looking at either Elastix (comes with a2billing installed but a farily old version - 1.30) or PBX-in-a-Flash (comes with a script to install A2Billing version 1.34).
    SysAdminMan - Asterisk PBX hosting - FreePBX, A2Billing and Elastix
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