Enotch Networks has been providing shared hosting servers for 5 years now. Today, we are here to offer you exclusive access to our newest offering where we provide SharePoint 2007 / 2010, Exchange 2007/2010, Project Server 2007 and LCS hosting services for as little as 10.00 per user.

Our service plan is structured similar to the popular MS Online with a few differences:

  1. VPN Point to Point - This will allow for your existing IT to manage the security and configuration as per existing IT policies
  2. Leverage existing Active Directory - Establishing the VPN between our network and your company will provide additional advantages one of which is to eliminate the need for your employees to setup new usernames and passwords.
  3. Expert Knowledge in SharePoint 2003/2007 Implementations - Our team consists of many SharePoint Architects that have been in the industry for quite some time. We are not simply a service company that can click the setup.exe executable. We have spent many years at client engagements performing Architecture, Design and system upgrades across all of Microsofts Collaboration Services "stack".

Each element of our server farms are backed by Cisco / Juniper infrastructure security layers in addition to Forefront Security and/or Anti-Virus products to ensure that the information that powers your business is as secure as possible.

To find out more information or get a free quote please contact sales [at] enotch.com.

Also we are now offering FREE SharePoint 2010 blog and wiki hosting. If you are interested please feel free to visit http://www.sharepointnoc.com and contact us via sales [at] enotch.com.

We would love to have your business!