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    VOIP service in the philippines

    Hello everyone, I'm interested in starting a VOIP service in the Philippines but having trouble finding information. My main problem is finding sufficient bandwidth. I have found almost no information for bandwidth over 1.5mbits (T1) and only 1 datacenter in the Philippines which unfortunately offers horrible speeds. My other concern is the market, I'm not sure how it is in the Philippines and once again have only found a handful of providers but all of them are for home users. I'm specifically looking to establish business class VOIP services and was hoping that someone would be able to help me out with some information about the market and (lack of high speed) broadband in the philippines.

    Thanks, Shikigami

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    Unless you know some higher ups at the NTC and have a shitload of money to bribe someone, I would suggest staying out of the VOIP business in the Philippines altogether as you probably wouldn't be able to peer with any of the local telcos anyway. They don't even peer with each other. You have to remember, there aren't any laws that encourage open networks (and fair business practices) in the country, so telecommunications isn't something you can easily get into

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    I wasn't awake telcom in was so hard to get into in the philippines. Thanks for the reply and letting me know about the telcom situation over there.

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    try to contact Tarik at Logic Ring he can help you to start voip business in Philippines his email is tarik at logicring dot com

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