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    PHP to output SQL field

    I have "stock" table that have 3 fields :

    1 == sid == for stock-id
    2 == desc == for stock description
    3 == balance == for stock balance

    I also have "status" table that have 4 fields:

    1 == id == for status id
    2 == sid == for stock id that want to monitor
    3 == desc == for stock description
    4 == stat == for status of the stock (good/bad status)

    I want to give my php script the ability to show the description stock on "status" script when i choose the stock id (using select function) automatically before i click submit.

    Can php script do this ?

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    In a word, No.

    In a sentence, no, because PHP is parsed BEFORE the client sees it; You could offload the relevant fields into JavaScript arrays and display them using the stock JS events.
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    can you give me the example of javascript arrays ?

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    oh click...
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