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    Installing cPanel and OpenVZ side by side

    I need cPanel, WHMCS, OpenVZ and vePortal all to run on the same server.

    I can't find any information suggesting that cPanel and OpenVZ should or should not run side by side. I'm curious if this is common or is this frowned upon?

    Another idea is to install cPanel VPS Optimized in an OpenVZ Container. This way there is some separation and it is cheaper but then my shared hosting accounts are dependent on my VPS solution.

    What do you guys recommend?
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    buy a node, install openvz and veportal.

    Create a VPS and install cpanel on it.

    Do NOT try and install cpanel on the openvz node :-)

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    wise is correct, trying to install cPanel and it together can and most likely will cause problems

    Creating a VPS and installing cPanel on it is the right way to go
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    Got it. I didn't think it would be a good idea but I couldn't find any information saying so.

    This will be a dedicated server doing Shared and VPS Hosting so I'll install OpenVZ and vePortal on the OS and run cPanel, my main site and WHMCS on a VPS.

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