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    How to set up cron job on godaddy?

    Hey guys, my current web host is linux shared hosting.
    I tried godaddy's cron manager to run Perl script.
    Here is the command:

    #!/usr/bin/perl -q /home/content/h/o/s/hostus/html/cgi/

    I was wondering for why my cron jobs would not work?

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    I don't believe you use the whole shebang line "#!/user/bin/perl", just this:
    perl -q /path/to/

    The shebang should be on the first line of the script being called, and you need to make sure it points to PERL on your server.
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    did you ever end up getting a cron to run with godaddy? im not even getting emails about the cron jobs I've configured and I can't seem to get even the most basic of jobs to run. Here's what my crontab file looks like:

    $ cat crontab
    # canary
    MAILTO="[email protected]"
    # 2 test2
    0 * * * * /bin/touch $HOME/cron_test
    # 1 test1
    1 * * * * /web/cgi-bin/php $HOME/html/gdform.php

    Any ideas? Thanks for the replies in advance

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