Hi there,
My name is Matthew and I'm a freelance web developer based in Canada. I am currently offering the following services:
-WHMCS integrations from $15 USD
-ClientExec integrations from $10 USD
-Valid HTML/CSS coding from $35 USD (for first page)

The prices above are the starting prices. The prices depend on the complexity of the layout and the turn around time you need.
You can find my portfolio here: http://itsmatt.info/
I also did a few more integrations which aren't listed on my portfolio yet.

Please also take note that I do not design layouts, but I only code and integrate them. If you need a design, please do not ask me for one as I don't design, you would have to get one from someone else.

I also have some coded designs for sale:
- http://itsmatt.info/cspremium/ - BIN: $20 USD
- http://itsmatt.info/blue-portfolio/ - BIN: $10 USD

The designs were NOT created by me. They are my designs that someone else created for me and I have permission to sell them both. The PSD is included with both designs.

If you would like to contact me, either PM myself, post below, use the contact form on my portfolio or email me at [email protected].

Thank you.
Kind regards,