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    Google Web Hosting?

    Does Google themselves offer any type of web hosting? I know they recently came out now offer free DNS services, but I was just wondering if they offer any types of hosting?
    Jaan Kanellis | iNET Interactive

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    I bilieve they do (I know they offer apps with domains that you can setup), but not sure if it's good or bad. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    yeah is this the old Google sites?
    Jaan Kanellis | iNET Interactive

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    I don't think they allow traditional web hosting. - Corp.
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    The DNS service offered by Google is unlike what hosting companies provide usually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaffer View Post
    The DNS service offered by Google is unlike what hosting companies provide usually.
    Exactly, it is a public dns server, you can't store your zone file there like you do in hosting.
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    About I don't think you need to pay for that and you don't get acesse to a control panel most people use like cPanel. I think its somethig like a script that is hosting it. like freewebs script.

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    I think that bluehost is one of the best for web design hosting. I've had them for 5 years now and host 5 different websites on there. I tried 1 and 1 when it first came out but never used it since. bluehost has an OK interface. Its not the best but it works for me.

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    My opinion if Google is a Search Engine not web hosting

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    Google web hosting is basically a site builder, they do not offer web hosting specifically. Pure SSD Premium DDoS Protected Hosting
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    I have heard about Yahoo e-commerce hosting services is not bad but no information for Google hosting.
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    I haven't heard they offer traditional web hosting service. I suppose that are thinking about that.

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    I dont think they would offer it, or if they did, it wouldn't at a good level.

    Yes, they have about 10+ Datacenters, but they are under staffed and wouldn't be able to cope with the work load of all the hosting + the services they offer at the moment.
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    Google hosting is very good.

    limit 200mb size

    i have this site with them :
    Google Products List

    it loads faster than my paid hosting

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    Google web hosting?

    wow...this is the first time that i'm hearing this.

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