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    HTTP Proxy Authentication

    your http proxy requires user authentication. please enter the appropriate user name and password

    I keep getting this annoying message.

    Some program, I don't know what, definetly not internet explorer because the dialog box is different try to access the internet and can't do that through proxy.

    Well what sort of program try to connect the internet without me knowing it?

    How the hell I know what program is responsible to pop this ******** up?

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    Are you using a proxy server? If your using ISA I usually install the firewall client to help with these messages.

    Last time we had an app doing this it was skype, but it could be anything..

    you could use a network monitor to track down the culprit or stop everything from running at startup and manually start the disabled apps untill you get the message - "Cloud hosting within reach"
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    Anyway I used microsoft studio spy++ and found out that backweb.exe is running. It's logitech thingy. Hmm... I wonder why logitech updater use the same proxy that internet explorer use?

    I set ie to use a proxy server for a purpose. Other program shouldn't use it. Most other program do not use the same proxy server IE used.

    Anyway, problems fixed.

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