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    [Review] Dalexdesign Logo


    Just wanted to briefly give my input on a logo done for us recently by 'dalexdesign'. He had originally posted an ad for a free logo design. I briefly thought about the kind of quality I would get for that, so I gave him a PM asking for some quick concepts. He sent me some really nice logo concepts, which were amazing! I feel he has done an excellent job, especially for a free logo! If your unsure about his work, give him a PM and he'll be able to do pretty much anything at a low cost.

    Thanks again dalexdesign!

    Link to finished logo:
    Joshua G.

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    I would hate to be rude, but is Ashton Kutcher hiding in another thread waiting for people to reply?

    Let me elaborate. A logo or brand is a selling point for a company. It needs to evoke images in the viewer's head. There isn't much in that linked pic that makes me want to view your services. I would imagine a name like OpticVPS using illustrated optical devices laid out on a chic VPS outline.

    Looking at Dale's past work, they're good, and he was able to sell the logo. I'm not sure what happened here.
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    An update to a SwitchFX replies,

    When it comes to free logos, time spent on logos is minimal and due to the fact that previous logo designs were made the time allowed for this logo design was minimal as well.

    I do not have the ability to offer a free service and expect to take more than an hour creating the concepts.

    If you have any questions please feel free to send me a private message, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Thanks for your time.

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    It looks ok, but it is quite similar to the VPS.NET logo.

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    This logo is simple but it's also very nice.

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    Wow, I have not seen before, Optic VPS, if you wish to have a new logo created please feel free to send me a message, I always do my best to keep designs 100% unique.


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    Truthfully it's far to basic for a company that is trying to sell themselves to customers to get people to buy from them. You need a logo that jumps out at people and gets peoples attention right away. That is very basic and really wouldn't be a very professional logo at all.

    dalexdesign this is in no way putting down your work I do realize you did it for free and commend you for helping people, I was simply responding to his idea of using it. Possibly he should hire you to make one instead to get a more professional look

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    I would say it just another ordinary logo, nothing special or imaginative here. It would not evoke any kind of interest in me if i were a customer.
    James B
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