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    question on cpanel and such

    well, i always see companys offering cpanel and other control panels in there deals for like 10 or 15$ extra.

    how are they able to do that?
    do they own a cpanel for unlimited domains, and then charge for each add on theres? or what do they do?
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    what other control panels are you seeing? Most of them are for unlimited domains, although there are a few that go by the amount of accounts you have.

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    When you say 10 or 15 dollars extra are you talking about the prices you've seen at various VPS hosts?

    An external license for a VPS -- which anyone can get -- is only 15/mo. With volume discounts many hosts get VPS licenses for 5/6 dollars.

    If you're talking about dedicated servers it's a mixture of volume and the fact that the host builds it into their margins, so whatever they're losing they make sure they compensate for with markup.
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    e-Sensibility is right, and probably more around the area of, if it's cheaper for the license, the servers are probably priced a little more to compensate that loss.

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