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    Backing up my the Public Directory of my Website into my Home Directory...

    I'm building a Wikisite, and I would like to set-up regular back-ups of the public directory into the home directory of my website. Therefore moving the data from a publicly accessible area into an protected area. To allow content to be restored in case of cyber vandalism. I'm good at programming in PHP and Javascript, but unfortunately that's about the height of my abilities. Javascript obviously isn't going to help with this. And I'm thinking PHP probably won't help either. I'm willing to learn though. I thought maybe it would be some sort of Linux commands on the actual server but I'm really not certain. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Do you have root access to the server?
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    give rsync a shot. It will only back up the files that have changed. You can make a one-liner shell script and execute it as a cron-job at the frequency of your choosing.
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    I'm not that great with Linux...

    I'm actually not even certain how to tell if the server I have runs Linux. I have file manager accesses to the root but beyond that I'm not even certain how to figure that out. I'll call the company up and see if I can get anywhere. With them telling me passwords/what not. Because that seems like a good idea if I can.

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