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    OneStop Cloud Servers November Special

    November Special: All WHT users signing up for the Basic Plan get $25 off their first month of service through the end of November. Just enter coupon code WHT1109B32 at checkout.

    Finally, an affordable Cloud Hosting solution to meet your needs.
    The days of expensive and unreliable co-location of physical servers and rented dedicated servers are over.

    Introducing OneStop Cloud Servers

    ▪ Easily and quickly scale your business with Cloud Servers and Storage.
    ▪ Pay for what you need today ... not tomorrow.
    ▪ Avoid IT costs and headaches of managing physical servers, VM software and
 co-location facilities.
    ▪ Optimize ROI on data center and infrastructure costs.

    Three plans to choose from (or customize your own!):
    CPU: 1 x 2 GHz+ CPU Core
    Memory Allocation (RAM): 1 GB
    Storage: 30 GB
    Transfer Included: 1,000 GB Transfer
    Price: $49.95
    Order Now
    CPU: 2 x 2 GHz+ CPU Core
    Memory Allocation (RAM): 2 GB
    Storage: 60 GB
    Transfer Included: 1,500 GB Transfer
    Price: $89.95
    Order Now
    CPU: 4 x 2 GHz+ CPU Core
    Memory Allocation (RAM): 4 GB
    Storage: 120 GB
    Transfer Included: 2,000 GB Transfer
    Price: $149.95
    Order Now
    All Plans Include A Free Domain Name
    All Outbound Data Transfer: Only
$0.10 per GB!
    Our Server is located in Los Angeles, CA at the
    Carrier Center (same building as Equinix LA)

    Test IP:
    Test File Download Link:
    Contact Sales

    Email: [email protected]
    Call: 1 800-980-8068 extension 2 (toll-free)

    International 1 310-499-9939 ext 2

    Click Here For Live Help

    Microsoft Windows Licensing

    Hosting Control Panel
    cPanel VPS, Plesk 8/9, Direct Admin

    Xen or VMware ESXi

    Select Operating System Install Image or Cloud App
    ▪ Linux - CentOS, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware, Fedora, Debian, Redhat Enterprise
    ▪ Windows Server 2003/2008
    ▪ FreeBSD or OpenBSD
    ▪ VoIP Appliance or PBX: Trixbox, Switchvox, FreePBX
    ▪ Jumpbox Virtual Appliance (visit homepage)
    ▪ VMware Virtual Appliance (visit homepage)

    Select Server Control Panel (optional)
    ▪ cPanel VPS
    ▪ Parallels Plesk 8/9
    ▪ Direct Admin

    Premium Support Service (optional)
    Add a Premium Managed Services Support Package to your Cloud Server - $44.95/mo

    Firewalls (optional)
    Dedicated Virtualized Firewall (VPN, Packet Filter, NAT, Intrusion Protection)
    Dedicated Cisco ASA Hardware Based Firewall (VPN, Packet Filter, NAT)
    Private and Public Cloud VLAN's included free of charge.

    Linux Open Source Platforms (Free): Python * Django * Ruby on Rails * PHP * Java * Perl * Coldfusion
    Microsoft Windows Platforms: Frontpage Server Ext * ColdFusion * .NET * ASP
    Popular Applications: Wordpress * Buddy Press * Drupal * Joomla * CMS Made Simple * Magento * ZenCart * OpenX * Machines Forum * DotNetNuke

    Contact Information:
    Email: [email protected]
    Call: 1 800-980-8068 extension 2 (toll-free)

    International 1 310-499-9939 ext 2
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