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    Looking for Web Site Admin w/ Programming Background (not req.)

    We are looking for a new administrator for a very well established web site. The site is a virtual pet site that has been around for over 2 years. It has nearly 100,000 registered users and lots of potential. It has a dedicated staff of artists, moderators and support staff members with lots of ideas.

    What we’re looking for:
    - Someone to be an administrator and make decisions about the site and the staff members.
    - Ensure that things run smoothly and get done.
    - Program (or hire programmers) to get new ideas implemented.
    - Stay on track to grow the website.
    - Preferably a younger person (although this is not a requirement).
    - An ideal candidate is someone in college or high school looking to build his or her resume and gain experience in a management/administrative position.

    - Ready to hit the ground running
    - Works well with and can manage a large (20+) group of younger staff (teen to young adult).
    - Works well with children (our user base is mostly teens to young adults).
    - Gets along with everyone.
    - Self-motivated and able to take a job and get it done without having
    to be extensively managed.

    Great to Have:
    - Programming experience with PHP/MySQL
    - Programming experience with Flash
    - Previous site management/work experience.

    We are looking to hire someone based on a profit % basis. We are only looking to hire ONE person. Please contact me if interested via PM with why you’d be a good candidate and any questions.


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    I am interested in working for you.

    I have website adminstration as well as php programming experience.

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    If you're still looking, I'm a web security specialist from UK, with PHP/MYSQL programming background and hands-on experience on web management.

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