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    How do I make the 2 point to eachother???

    How do I make the 2 point to eachother???

    If I host my files on a server and register domain thru diff registrar,how to make the 2 point to eachother??

    Like say if I host files on some webhost and register my domain thru some registrar.. do I have to point my domain to the webhost's DNS name servers??

    So like if I go to < this will actually POINT to the webserver that my files are on, correct??

    So wherever I host my files, in their control panel I should be able to add the domain to the hosting account and change the name servers to the HOSTing DNS NAME SERVERS i think ( either that or the DNS name servers will be the host's by default)

    I HAVE TO ADD THE DOMAIN TO THE HOSTING ACCOUNT and make sure the DNS is set to the HOST'S~!! THATS IT RIGHT~?? lol

    Im trying to grasp this concept really well since I work with a webhosting company LOL
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    You can point the domain to the host's nameservers or you can set up an a-record to point to the IP and a cname to point to that A-record...
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    Simple way, use host's name servers. For that host will provide you with their nameservers that you use in your domain's (registrar) control panel.

    Advanced way, if you know how to manage DNS and if your registrar provide managed DNS, you use appropriate values to point your domain to the hosting server IP.

    On the hosting server, if you have a control panel, you need not worry about manual setting it up. If no control panel, you will have to setup, zone files, apache, MTA etc. accordingly.
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    I think you got your answer. But why did you make your post with unusual letter size, colour and all. It won't make any difference other than cause some trouble to read. You will get your answers even if you make it in the normal styles .

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