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    What is your preference for storage?

    Hi folks!

    Let's say you were looking to buy a server with the following base spec:

    CPU: QuadCore Xeon 2.66GHz (latest gen, HT avail.)
    RAM: 8-16GB DDR3 ECC

    Providing the server comes with a hardware raid controller, which of the following HDD options would you prefer, and why?

    a) 2 x 400GB 10k RPM SAS
    b) 2 x 450GB 15k RPM SAS
    c) 2 x 1TB 7.2k RPM S-ATA II

    (For the sake of simplicity: all 3 options would come at the same reasonable price level)

    This might seem a little odd, but in a nutshell I'm curious as to whether the average WHT'er would prefer storage capacity over access speed / performance in a two disk configuration. I'm sure the result of this could be useful to both providers looking to meet marked demands, and not to mention consumers who are not sure what to pick. (People's reasoning could help others deciding for or against one or the other.)
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    This would really depend what the server is going to be used for. If the server would not require high amount of storage space than best option would be option b, but if is required than option c would be preferred.
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    If cost isn't a deciding factor then obvious choice is b 2x450gig 15k rpm sas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 24shells View Post
    This would really depend what the server is going to be used for. If the server would not require high amount of storage space than best option would be option b, but if is required than option c would be preferred.
    Yes, obviously, but that is kind of part of the question. It would fall under people's reason to preferring one over the other. What people need and what they consider important for various kinds of services will vary greatly. Some would say 10 or 15k SAS disk are a requirement for webservers (based on their particular use and/or preference), while others would be happy with 7.2k S-ATA drives and rather have more capacity for the same purpose.

    The basic scenario is that YOU are looking for a server of the mentioned spec* (let's say in the advertising area of WHT) for whatever purpose. E.g. a webserver to host a large community, or to start your own or expand an existing webhost. What would you prefer, and why?

    *To keep it simple and put the options in a context, I used a rough spec which is fairly widespread for popular/typical areas of use - such as webhosting, game servers, and so on.

    To give you an example of the kind of answers I am looking for;

    "I would choose option B, because I sell shared web hosting and feel that the low access speed and throughput of the SAS drives are more important than the extra capacity the slower S-ATA drives provide."
    Which could in turn help others in the same situation with factors to consider in relation to various areas of use. It can also help providers here at WHT better tailor their dedicated server offerings to meet user demand.

    From what I have seen of offerings for similar specced servers, the vast majority come with 2 x S-ATA disks. I do realize there is a cost perspective to look at as well, but I am more interested in seeing the trends in what people prefer in this area - providing they could get to choose between speed and capacity at the same reasonable price level.

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    Can we have an extra option? I propose:

    D) SSD drives, preferably hooked up to a high-speed controller
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    My personal take would be to go with Option B. You get the best performance and 50 more GB than the 10K solution. In my experience I would rather have more performance than I need with onboard storage. If you run out of room at that time you can look into SAN/NAS space or upgrade your server to something with more drive bays.

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    I would go with Option B, seems a no brainer.

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