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    * Reach 350,000+ web hosting enthusiasts and professionals for just $8.33/mo* Showcase is a clean and old-fashioned web hosting catalog that we've been already promoting internally. It is growing as one of the focal attraction points of resource, staying within easy reach to ALL of its projected 350,000+ visitors within the next 12 months.

    Simple YellowPages-like listings are displayed in the alphabetical order, and their number is limited per section to allow fair exposure for listed vendors.

    Introductory fee schedule: $9.95 per month or $100 per year. *Pricing includes one listing in one category.

    Showcase benefits:
    * stable direct link back to your resource
    * rates will increase to $14.95/mo and $150/year on in-demand and sold out pages
    * uninterrupted campaigns will never see the rate increase

    Available space in categories:
    Shared Hosting (Unix/Linux)
    Windows Hosting
    Reseller Hosting
    Virtual Private Servers
    Dedicated Hosting
    Managed Hosting
    Outsourced Support
    Other Resources

    Possible other categories (demand-based):
    Ecommerce Hosting
    Colocation Hosting
    International Hosting
    or suggest your own!

    Contact advertising #at#
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