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    Joomla - ini_set enabled is security risk

    The function "ini_set", according to CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) poses a security threat (not sure exactly how) but it seems that Joomla! needs it enabled to run.

    is there a way to tweak Joomla! in order to have it run with ini_set disabled?

    Thank you.

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    Well, you can open session.php file and find:


    replace it with:


    that will mute the warning errors you receive.
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    I have seen scripts before, I can't remember if it was Joomla or not, that just called ini_set without looking to see if the values it was wanting to set were already set.

    If this is what Joomla is doing, then I would propose that they modify their script to perform this check. Instead of forcing an ini_set of a variable, check the variable first and see if it is already set to the desired value. If it's not, then issue an ini_set() call.

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