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    What could you get out of this server?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and am looking to setup a game server business. I am starting small and wondered what you guys think you could get out of the following setup...

    Server Spec

    4 x 3.0 Xeon CPU's (2 x dual core)
    8GB RAM
    140GB SCSI HD (2 X SCSI 15K in RAID 0)
    Operating System - Centos
    100Mbit Duplex connection (No bandwidth Restriction as such)

    I will be mainly hosting CS/COD4 servers to start with, using mainly 66 tick.

    Id be grateful if you guys could give me an indication of what i might be able to get out of the server.



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    About 200 slots if they were all full.

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    That's going to depend on a couple of other options. Do you intend to give customers the ability to run mods on their servers, as that will increase the needed overhead. How many players per server? Will you be running stats on the box or remotely? If you just plan on running vanilla games, i'd say about 8-10 servers. You will need more ram though, 8GB is pushing it, that is if they are all full.
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    Alternative view

    Quote Originally Posted by JayHax0r View Post
    About 200 slots if they were all full.
    I would agree, but if they aren't going at 100% capacity it should be pretty easy to get. In case you wanted numbers for 100tic 500fps = 120-135 slots, 100tic 1000fps = 65-80 slots.

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    Way too many factors and noone will be able to give you an accurate number.

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    I guess it depends. I would just throttle it up and see where it goes. I would avoid hosting any sites on the same box you are using for your server though.

    We are able to get on average 200 - 300 slots on dual xeon 3.06, dual gigabit lan, running Ubuntu, 4gig ram. It seems most hosts never slot up. Just code a spill over if they do.

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    150 active slots assuming the servers are at full performance. Normally I would put about 200 slots since it would be very rare that all slots will be active at the same time, and that 200 active slots would be able to perform well enough if it's a must.
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    Like XFactorServers noted, it's impossible to calculate how many slots you host.
    It depends on the map, the addons, what the players are doing, how many players there are, etc.
    You will have to find out along the way.

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    You should be able to get 200-250 slots from our experience.

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