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    I'm trying to send email using Uebimiau Webmail and getting error messege:

    It was not possible to send this e-mail

    vps server support say :

    you are using exim as mail server.
    look into the log of exim
    you have errors.
    you should be able to send email after your configuration is ok

    2009-11-20 15:34:57 1NBRlQ-00011O-Uv malware acl condition: clamd: unable to connect to UNIX socket /var/run/clamav/clamd (No such file or directory
    your clam antivirus is broken
    or the connection with it

    I am sorry but this is an unmanaged service. that means we do not offer support for software configuration inside the VPS

    Direct admin Support say :


    In order to get support for this license you must contact your VPS provider (or whoever provided you the license). It's not a regular license so it does not come with support from us...


    Does anyone have an idea what causes the sendmail problem?
    Thanks in Advance

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    You need to start clamav.
    Steven Ciaburri | Proactive Linux Server Management -
    Managed Servers (AS62710), Server Management, and Security Auditing.

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