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    New cell phone spyware!?

    Just saw a thing on ktla news on some spyware where you can listen in on every call, text and even tap into the persons phone to hear what's going on while the phone is not on a call. This is crazy. It cannot even be detected

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    Whoever decides to use that will get caught no doubt about it...and they will go to jail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clay - Limestone View Post
    Whoever decides to use that will get caught no doubt about it...and they will go to jail.
    It's completely legal. For family at least. They were saying your work can give you one too. There has to be some privacy issue here

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    I am assuming you saw it on tv.,939664.story

    And then this on zdnet.;post-804

    (i got that from binging it)

    Anyhow,just some points on the article about it.

    Experts say the practice is becoming more and more popular, easy to use and may even be legal.
    legal if you do it to your own phone, not someone eles's. I think that is just a common news scare tactic

    Once the cell phone user sends out a text or makes a call, the stalker is notified via computer and he or she gets access immediately.
    in another part they also mention listening onto calls. The one listed on zdnet does not include that, but does mention the call logs, text messages.

    Whoever decides to use that will get caught no doubt about it...and they will go to jail.
    if monitored from the computer, I do not see that too likely(my own opinion). similar to backorfice or sub7, if you at least have some sense you wont. More likely people will admit it to others and that is how they will get caught for now(like the writter says, you need their phone physically)

    Overall no suprise. phones are small computers and by giving them stronger software compatibilities its up to the phone companies to take care of this.

    With the iphone set with 5% of marketplace(last stat I read a few weeks ago) looks like they are now going to really have to own up to their "secure" ::cough::bullsht::cough:: software.

    But also every other cellphone will too. just wait until like the old days moveing someones mouse around, turning on their webcam, etc. starts happening on cellphones. Or worse, they start making calls from it.
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