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    New to hosting, help would be appreciated !

    Hi, i have just help set up a website selling games. The site went live yesterday and the speeds quite slow when its loading, especially going thru the checkout.

    its currently being hosted on a vps near america, whats the best option for me if i wanted to get the speeds up in europe/uk area ?

    the sites not very large, check it out but theres no payment option at the moment. its just for show.

    (mods remove this if its not allowed)

    any advice would be appreciated.

    thanks you

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    Any special reason of why you have the site hosted in Panama?
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    yeah, copyright

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    You could try netherland/holland however, copyright is always an issue. You best would be offshore/malaysia/hong kong or alternatively, a host who would not run at the first sight of a DMCA notice !

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    The site went live yesterday and the speeds quite slow when its loading, especially going thru the checkout.
    Your site will probably never be "snappy" considering the pages are over 1mb in size. Your homepage is 1.3 mb.

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    is there any reason why its running so slow in explorer ? im having problems only in explorer. anyone else ?

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    So just to check, is your company selling knock of games (as in counterfeit/pirated) or are the games legal copies? If the former, then you are best to stay in a country where a DMCA notice would be, for the most part, disregarded. Holland and places like that are good for the EU. If it's the latter, I don't see why you couldn't claim fair usage as companies are normally happy for shops to use their trademarks to advertise their games, as in the end, it's more sales for them.

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    I don't think the geographical hosting location could affect the speed of loading your website pages. I have thousands of visitors from Europe even I'm living in North America. They don't seems to have any problem in reaching my website. In other idea I think the american servers are cheaper than european ones, so, after all it's good for you to keep your stuff where it is, or maybe you can just jump to another american hosting provider. Just some thoughts

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    Host it in Netherlands, they allow copyright as this is where I have my server
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