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    * Vmware - STOP Automatically


    My User On Vmware Server 2 And When A User Used From Her VPS Sometimes STOP His VPS Automatically.

    Error Log In Vmware :
    Message on VPS1: It appears that other virtual machines are running. Some host devices may be unavailable to this virtual machine. Some host devices (such as CD-ROM drives) may be shared among several virtual machines by toggling the entries in the "VM > Removable Devices" menu.
    Select OK to continue, Cancel to power off.

    Please Help Me.


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    When u start vmware server check there for source mean's u have give correct source for booting...........
    I hope u made ssome mistake there that's y u got this error............

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    You Mean OS Source !?

    It's Okay I Check It.

    But Stay Have Problem.

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