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    Website Revamp to Wordpress

    Hello all,

    I'm looking to freshen our site, I will consider a revised version of our existing site, but will also look at new designs as part of this process.

    Here are some specifics:

    • Site should be fully integrated into Wordpress
    • Jquery, w/splash images on front page
    • blog feed and twitter feed (the latter via widget is fine) on specified pages
    • Existing WHMCS css for order form must be modified, as well as integration of new design if that's what you're proposing
    • considering dropdowns

    This is a budgeted project and we are ready to start. Please PM with examples and or suggestions with pricing. We can then follow-up via AIM, email, or phone.

    To be clear, I am open to having the existing design converted to WP and refreshed or a new site.
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    Ventura IT has over 12 years experience in programming, web design, and web development, including many years experience with Wordpress.

    You can contact Ventura IT at 805 644 9981 or at sales at venturait dot com.

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