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Thread: ffmpeg fade out

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    Talking ffmpeg fade out

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to know if any of you knows how to have a fade out at the end of an mp3 via FFMPEG please, Also I would like to play/encode only half of the music, how to to this?

    Thank you very much for your help,


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    Are you writing a script to convert a full song into a short web sample? Cool!

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    No I am not writing the script I need some help to add the command fade out and encode only half of the music.
    It is very easy to encode a song, no problem with that but I cannot find anywhere on the net the command to encode only half of the song and also add a fade out at the end of the song...if anyone knows it,please let us know,



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    Well, in my night-life as an audio engineer/performer, I would probably uncompress the MP3 to wav via editing software (Audacity is a great free one). Then, I'd crop to the selection and add my fades, and re-compress to MP3 or whatever your final format is. Unfortunately, I have no idea of a utility that would accept parameters like:

    script file.mp3 start_time end_time fade_duration

    Such a script would have to perform those same actions anyway (uncompressing, recompressing), but I don't know of a utility that will automate the process. There are some software products that have batch modes and macros, etc., but they'll cost and I doubt you'll find one that performs this specific task the way you want...

    If you just are doing this as a one time operation on a few files, take a hard look at Audacity. Definitely looks like ffmpeg won't do what you're looking for: ( -- closest thing you got is "-t duration", nothing about specific start/end times or fading...

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    Thanks Mattle,

    I will try to email the makers of FFmpeg to try to find out more about this.


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