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    Red face Fairly new to e-commerce hosting


    I'm setting up an e-shop soon...

    Using Wordpress and shopp plugin.

    Is there any requirements I need to take note of in terms of webspace, bandwidth?

    I know for a start, the webhost should be reliable and has unlimited php & sql databases.

    But how do you measure reliability?

    And is Downtownhost really that good?

    Thanks in advance~


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    As goes for the webspace & bandwidth if you arent expecing alot of customers at start. It does't really matter too much, since even an cheapest plan these days will have enough webspace & bandwidth for an tiny shop.

    However if you're planning on getting a lot visitors and customers.
    I wouldn't advice you going with shared hosting if you're running an shop. My recommendation would be getting and VPS or Dedicated server. The online shop's are huge target for hackers, and shared hosting just simply isn't that secured, and of course larger shop would need more resources then a shared hosting has to offer.

    If you're serious about getting intro e-commerce business, you should get an vps or dedicated from an reliable company.

    Good luck!
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    unlimited databases doesn't have anything to do with reliability. If you're planning on running one site then all you need is one database really. And since you seem to be just starting out, you don't have to worry too much about space or bandwidth - most likely both will be minimal. Stay away from hosts that provide unlimited space and bandwidth because you can assume they are oversold and they have a lot of limitations on your accounts.

    Measuring reliability is up to you really - if you think responses to support tickets quickly is reliable or if you think having near 99.9% server uptime is reliable. Plenty of factors, the idea of "reliable" is different from host to host and from person to person.

    As for DTH, they have a lot of good reviews here, feel free to search it up.

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